Ulieth, Whose Antlers Shake the Trees

Stag-Lord, ancient war god of the Linowan


Ulieth is old, perhaps older than Golden-Eyed Jorst, and it’s believed he was worshiped before the Forest Lord and was an ally of the Chosen in their battle against the Primordials.

In form, Ulieth generally appears as a massive stag, nearly 15 feet at the shoulder, with his huge head rising further above that, and his great rack said to be wide enough to hold the sky among its many and razored tines. His great body is covered with terrible scars from countless battles, but he still moves with the vigor of the divine.

Closer inspection shows that he does not have eyes like a deer, rather they are orange and slitted, closer to a dragon’s and the beginnings of scales can be seen under his fur coat.

Ulieth values strength, whether of character or arms, over most things. Life in the wilds is harsh, and does not brook weakness. He has survived two wars which literally changed the face of all of Creation. He knows that the world has faltered from its course and has done all he can to survive and hold on to his strength, knowing it will be needed again some day.

Ulieth, Whose Antlers Shake the Trees

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